Kenji’s Ice Carving International is an industry leader in high quality ice sculptures and customer service. Kenji produces traditional hand-made ice sculptures and has done many large scale ice sculpting demonstrations on stage.

Kenji is a Japanese born and trained, ice sculptor who has been competing and exhibiting since 1986 in countries such as: Japan, China, Alaska, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Italy, France and Finland. He has also competed in the Lillehammer, Nagano and Torino Winter Olympics and is still competing today.
These days Kenji is mainly involved in product launches and promotions of worldwide companies including: Heinekin, Tia Luso, Subaru, Husaberg, Yamaha and Makita. He is involved in demonstrations including: The Snowy mountains ski season opening, the Hunter Valley Gardens Winter Festival and the Winter food festival at Westfield city. Kenji has also been involved in film promotions such as: The Great Gatsby, Kill Bill 1, Ice Age, Happy Feet and Die Another Day.

Since 1990 Kenji has worked on many humanitarian projects including: the fall of the Berlin wall, Persian Gulf peace message, 50th anniversary of the United Nations, Mahatma Gandhi, WWF and free Tibet.

Kenji is passionate about pushing the boundaries with challenging work. If you have any ideas involving product promotions/launches/advertising or are passionate about a message, please contact Kenji.

Kenji’s is a member of The Sculptors Society, Australia.



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